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The Authors Aspirations

I, Mark Silverstein, is a third-year medical student at X medical college. As such, I have an understanding of the simplest thing in medical science. I started writing this blog for a year now. My core mission is to let general people know about some of the most common sorts of medical issues and their treatments.

I’ve seen people up close who has all kind of wrong information about a particular medical condition. The data they gather is mainly from social media or sometimes Wikipedia. These sources are not at all reliable. And most of them just write about the terms that they have no idea about.

So, a year ago, I decided to start this blog to let people know about the standard terms and conditions and treatments of the states. For example, people still treat mental illness with just the word ‘crazy’. But there are different causes of mental illness. Thousands of different sets and situations.

This is my utmost interest to make people understand the truth about the diseases and their treatments. Causes of the injuries can only prevent the actual damage from taking place. With the knowledge, you can get to the point of treating yourself.

My own family has so many weird and wrong ideas about specific diseases. And also, comparing some signs with an article you read is not a way to diagnose a problem. A certified physician is the best way to treating the patient.

My blog will be just the basics of the medical terms and their standpoint. I want to help you understand these health issues, so you have a clear idea of how you should address them. Medical malpractice is everywhere. So, beware of the experts you choose, and please do give a history check. And mainly do not compare symptoms on the internet.